Rio Branco

Photo of male Apistogramma gibbiceps showing abdominal bars and colors in caudal fin

Apistogramma gibbiceps

Apistogramma gibbiceps (A209) is a slender-bodied species from the Rio Negro in Brazil. They are not common in the American hobby, but they do appear from time to time. Males are larger and more colorful than females with large males reaching less than 3″ and females remaining smaller. They come from soft acid waters and …

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Photo of Ap[istogramma gephyra male

Apistogramma gephyra

Apistogramma gephyra (A231 – A233) is very similar to Apistogramma agassizii in both appearance and behavior. Several characteristics differentiate it from agassizii, especially its much rounder caudal fin (tail). While not regularly popular in North America it does occasionally appear on fish availability lists.