Photo of large adult Apistogramma baenschi male

Apistogramma baenschi 

Apistogramma baenschi (A188), is also known as Apistogramma Inka, Apistogramma Inka 50, or Apistogramma “high finned nijsseni”. These common names were used prior to the formal description of Apistogramma baenschi in 2004. Since its description, this delightful dwarf cichlid is usually sold under its correct name but it still pops up as Apistogramma Inca or one

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photo of male Apistogramma panduro showing extended dorsal lappets and distinctive black patch on caudal peduncle

Apistogramma panduro

Apistogramma panduro (A 183, 184, 185) is a beautiful dwarf cichlid from northern Peru. This especially attractive species is also known as the “Pandurino”, “Blue Panda”, “Sky Blue”, or “Blue Sky” Apisto. They come from soft acidic waters but in captivity, they usually do well in fairly neutral water conditions. They are good in a

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Apistogramma atahualpa adult pair male and female

Apistogramma atahualpa

Apistogramma atahualpa (A 175) is a colorful dwarf cichlid from Peru that was introduced to the hobby as Apistogramma sp. “sunset”. Although Apistogramma “sunset” may still be used as a common name for this fish, today it is increasingly sold as Apistogramma atahualpa and is a popular and hardy dwarf cichlid. About Apistogramma atahualpa Apistogramma

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Photo pf male and female pair of Apistogramma rubrolineata

Apistogramma rubrolineata

Apistogramma rubrolineata (A18, A19) is a rarely imported species with a limited range in Bolivia and Peru. Adult males show rows of contrasting red and iridescent blue stripes that run from behind the gills to the caudal peduncle. Their striped body is very unusual and I find them to be very attractive. They are relatively

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