Nanochromis parilus female

Nanochromis – Genus of West African Dwarf Cichlids

Nanochromis is a genus of small, slim-bodied cichlids from the Central Congo Basin in Western Africa. They’ve been known to aquarists for many years and are prized by experienced fish keepers. They are attractive fish with a high degree of sexual dimorphism. Nanochromis are cave spawners that usually form strong pair bonds when breeding. Nanochromis

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Male and female pair of Nanochromis transvestitus

Nanochromis transvestitus

Nanochromis transvestitus is a challenging dwarf cichlid from West Africa that is recommended only for experienced dwarf cichlid keepers. They are colorful with attractive markings and males and females have very different coloration. They exhibit interesting behaviors but can be quite aggressive. They can be very demanding of their water conditions and generally need very

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