Photo of male Apistogramma borellii in a planted aquarium

Apistogramma borellii

 Apistogramma borellii (A102/103/104) are beautiful South American dwarf cichlids from waters south of the Amazon basin. They have been in the hobby for nearly a hundred years and are great aquarium fish. They are relatively peaceful, stay small at about 2 inches, and are not too demanding of water conditions.

Apistogramma commbrae male

Apistogramma commbrae

Apistogramma commbrae (A93, A94) is a dwarf cichlid species from central to southern South America. They’ve been known to hobbyists for more than a hundred years but are rarely imported today. Apistogramma commbrae are rather drab compared to many other Apistos making them less attractive commercially. However, they are easy to care for, easy to …

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