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The following is copied directly from the web page of the old site. People still visit this page so I’m including it here. It’s copied directly with no editing, link checking, etc.

 Here you will find information about newly discovered, newly described or newly available dwarf cichlids. They are listed chronologically with the most recent first. The dates refer to when I first list the fish not to any “official” date.

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May 18, 2009
      Laetacara  araguaiae is now the correct name for the fish that the hobby has known as Laetacara sp. “bukelkopf” following its formal description by Felipe P. Ottoni & Wilson J. E. M. Costa. Along with their description of  the pair also redescribed Laetacara dorsigera. Along with the clarification that this article provides, it also creates some confusion as the authors mention another species,  L. minutacara, without any info as to what this species might be. We can only hope that this is another description that they have in progress.

November 23, 2008
Apistogramma erythrura is a newly described species that has been in the hobby for some time as Apistogramma sp. Mamore. This is a very attractive Apisto that is most closely related to Apistogramma trifasciata. The species has been  in the hobby since 1995 when it was introduced in Germany. The description is interesting reading for many dwarf cichlid fans. It includes several nice color photos and can be found Here

October 15, 2008
    A new article has recently been published about the Pipe Expedition, which was a fish collecting expedition that explored some very rarely sampled Amazonian waters. They report finding a new Apistogramma they named Apistogramma sp. “gigas”. The photos of this striking fish have triggered some online debate as it appears quite  different from other Apistogrammas. There is no doubt that this will be a highly sought after fish if it enters the hobby,

July 18, 2008
      Heiko Bleher, the legendary fish collector, has created a page on his web site where he has posted photos of several new Apistogramma species or forms that he has discovered. He reports that several of these are currently being bred in Europe so it is possible that we could see them in the hobby at some point. Check out these fish here. Heiko has collected more waters than anyone alive and I have followed his exploits for many years in the pages of the popular magazines. It is dedicated collectors like him that continue to provide us with new species.

June 8, 2008
      The “Mouthbrooding Apistogramma” or Apistogramma “Maulbruter” has been recently described as Apistogramma barlowi. to honor  the late George Barlow. This species has been in the hobby for a number of years and has just been formally described. This link will take you to the  complete description

June 8, 2008
       The newly described, Dicrossus gladicauda is similar to Dicrossus filamentosus but has a very unique tail shape. In this species there is a single extension on the top of the tail. go to follow this link for the complete description & photos. Since this description was published there has been some discussion as to the validity of the species. Noted collectors such as Heiko Bleher maintain that these fish have always been found in small numbers within the populations of regular filamentosus. He (and others) believe that this should not be considered to be a new species. It seems that there is always debate among us at to which fish are really which.  You can read more about this in the forum discussion at